​TRINOC INVESTMENTS CORPORATION was founded in 2008. Since its inception, TRINOC has surpassed all expectations and has created a solid, profound reputation for honoring and fulfilling all its clients' needs and requests.

TRINOC began with a vision to solidify international business relationships and create success for as many entities, individuals, families and companies in need of Investment direction and guidance as possible. As a result of that vision becoming a reality for so many clients, TRINOC decided to expand its horizons into Cryptocurrency Exchange, Real Estate Investments, Residential / Commercial Project Development, International Investment Opportunities and a vast array of Client Services available today.

​In addition, TRINOC strives as a foremost leader in the no risk, high yield Cryptocurrency Investment Industry as well as  Investment Portfolio Expansion, Consulting, Guidance and Instruction, Short / Long Term Investment Projects, Exit Strategies, Case Analysis and Direction and of course Commercial and Residential Real Estate Consulting.

TRINOC has successfully assisted thousands of Investors in locating local and foreign profitable, no risk investment opportunities in various industries including but not limited to: Cryptocurrency, The Oil and Gas Industry, Commercial and Residential Real Estate and Commodities among others.